Reminder: Implants Aren’t High Maintenance At All

You might think that since dental implants require so much time to receive and since they are valued as offering so many exceptional details for your smile, they’re probably going to be super high maintenance. Right? Well. No. Not at all! Actually, as one would hope from a prosthetic that is touted as a solution that will potentially last forever, implants are something you don’t have to worry about or cater to in any particularly special way. Having trouble believing it? Want some proof in the form of an explanation regarding maintaining your smile post-implant-placement? No problem! Our Austin, MN team is prepared to elaborate!

There’s No Professional Upkeep Except For The Usual

There’s nothing you’re going to have to do as far as we require from professional dental care other than what we always require for our patients. If you think back to the foundation of what we suggest for protecting your oral health, you’ll immediately remember: It’s dental cleanings and checkups. You should be scheduling them every six months. For patients with dental implants or without, this is the prevention that you’ll need to keep up with in order to ensure your smile stays healthy (and your implants succeed). It’s easy!

You Just Have To Do Your Usual Dental Hygiene Thing

About the care that you have to provide yourself at home to protect your dental implants: It’s the same as it was before your implants. Brush (two times a day). Floss (one time a day). See? Identical!

Remember: If It’s Bad For Teeth And Gums, Skip It

Again, we’re not going to come up with a long list of things (or even a short list of things) that could damage or harm your dental implants that will be any different than the suggestions we set forth for natural teeth and gums. As you already know, keeping your natural tissues healthy is not something that requires a ton of maintenance. Instead, you’re just expected to make mindful decisions that don’t place too much pressure on teeth, that don’t ask teeth to do things they’re not made for, that limit sugar and other harmful foods and drinks, and that generally keep your smile out of harm’s way! Rely on common sense and it will take you (and your implants) far!

Care For Your Implants With Standard Preventive Care

There’s nothing extra special you have to do to protect implants other than to care for them with the usual prevention we always suggest. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.