What Can I Expect From My Dental Filling?

You may find yourself coming up with lots of questions in your mind as you’re thinking about dental fillings. If you come in for your tooth-colored filling, though you know it will look very good, is it going to be something you can easily protect? Is it going to last? What about the rumors you hear that white fillings don’t stick around very long? The short answer is: Everything will be just fine and you can get a lot of wear out of your restoration! However, we know you’re pretty interested in the details…

Your Filling Can Last A Nice Long Time

It’s easy to take care of your smile after you receive a dental filling. You really just keep up with the preventive care that has always been our recommendation for you. Your brushing and flossing will keep your tooth clean, while preventing additional decay or other problems. Your visits that include cleanings will also make sure your tooth is clean and your filling safe. When you are on top of the details, you can expect a tooth-colored filling to last around 10 years!

If You Notice A Problem, You Should Call Us

Maybe you suddenly notice a sharp pain or serious sensitivity in a tooth that has a dental filling. Though caring for your filling means it can last years and years, while offering you the protection you need, there are always exceptions that can result in damage. If your tooth that has received a filling feels funny or hurts, remember to give us a call. We will check it to see if perhaps the tooth is irritated or if you’ve experienced any type of damage and require a replacement filling

Protect Your Fillings With Our Tips

Once you receive a dental filling, remember that you can easily protect it and enjoy the benefits by simply taking our care tips seriously. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.