Q&A: Protection Against Gum Disease

As you may have noticed, maintaining your oral health does not rely only on your ability to keep your teeth healthy but also on your dedication to the upkeep of your gum tissue. When you neglect certain aspects of care, gum disease may occur. This is an issue that can affect the health of your entire mouth and the future of your smile, so preventing it is extremely significant. Curious about the best way to make sure you keep your periodontal health in tip-top shape? Let’s help you with the details with a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: I’ve heard that there are certain things I should avoid to prevent gum disease from occurring. Does it really make a difference if I avoid certain products?

Answer: Every last detail can affect your gum health. In general, the main product to avoid is tobacco, which can greatly contribute to the chance of periodontal disease. Avoiding risk factors is certainly important.

Question: Isn’t it true that the best way to avoid gum disease is to brush, floss, and come in for cleanings?

Answer: Yes, you’ve got it! Avoiding periodontal illness rests most heavily on your commitment to remove the disease-causing plaque from your mouth that covers your smile on a daily basis. Brush it away, floss it away, and allow us to remove accumulation.

Question: If all of this cleaning is supposed to prevent gum disease, why do I still need checkups?

Answer: In general, keeping up with care will yield healthy gums. However, even a small amount of plaque can cause gum inflammation. To make sure all is well (and to catch a change as soon as possible), checkups act as a final protective method for keeping your gums immaculate.


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