Oral Cancer: Important Facts

It’s the oral health problem that nobody is very interested in thinking about but that can become quite devastating when overlooked. Oral cancer is certainly not a light topic but there’s some good information to be gathered that can help you feel confident about caring for your mouth. Ready for that good news right away? It’s detectable, it’s treatable, and we can help. Learn more.

You Won’t Always Know It’s There

You might not know oral cancer is happening. This is because, particularly in its first stages as it’s forming and progressing, it may not present any symptoms that you notice. It’s true that there’s a list of symptoms common to this form of cancer. However, by the time you notice a lump, red or white patch, discomfort, or otherwise, the disease may have already advanced significantly.

We Can Find It Sooner

So, what to do if it’s often impossible to detect by yourself? You come in for your twice-annual checkups, of course, which will include a thorough oral cancer screening using advanced technology. The result? It’s something we can detect very early on, which means providing you treatment right as the cells begin to change instead of once the problem has spread.

It’s Very Serious (And Treatable)

Oral cancer is a disease that is very serious and that claims the lives of thousands of people every year. However, it might not be something you usually think about. Fortunately, when we catch the disease in its early stages, it’s easier to treat. In addition, it’s fortunate that there is effective treatment for this oral health illness. As noted, coming in for your dental checkups is essential in preventing the progression of this disease, as screenings offer immense protection.


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