Oral Cancer Screenings

Your smile isn’t the only component of your oral health; as part of your regular dental exams and cleanings, we will also perform regular oral cancer screenings using advanced digital imaging equipment. Like all kinds of cancer, early detection can vastly improve the chances of successful oral cancer treatment and management. Therefore, regular oral cancer screenings at your dentist’s office could prove vital to defeating the disease if it arises.

Signs of Oral Cancer

An oral cancer screening is largely a visual inspection to detect tissue abnormalities that could spell trouble. Some of the more common signs that oral cancer is developing or has developed include;

  • Red and/or white spots anywhere in your mouth
  • Recurring, increasingly worse pain/tenderness in the mouth
  • One or more sores that do not heal properly over time
  • Thick, rough spots on otherwise soft oral tissues
  • Trouble chewing and swallowing your food
  • And more

Between dental visits, you should also perform a self-examination at least once a month to increase your chances of early detection.

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