What’s A Crown And Why Do I Need One?

Uncertain about this restorative treatment we keep referring to (and insisting you need)? Don’t worry. We understand that upon your initial introduction to a new treatment, you might not feel completely sure about what’s happening. When it comes to the need for a dental crown, you likely have something at least moderately serious happening with your tooth. As a result, you might already feel a bit on edge about your smile. Give us a moment to calm your nerves and offer the info you need to feel good about moving ahead.

What’s A Dental Crown?

Essentially, a crown looks almost like your own natural tooth (the portion that you can see resting above your gumline, that is). However, it is constructed with a hollow body. We offer crowns that are made from porcelain, which is a natural-looking material that will allow us to mimic your teeth. The purpose of a crown is to re-establish a structurally sound tooth when significant damage has occurred. We cement it to tooth tissue, so it remains in place long-term.

Why Do I Need One?

You need a dental crown because you need a tooth repair. If you have suffered from decay, we place a crown when the problem is too severe for a filling. If you have suffered from infection, we may place a crown to finish your root canal treatment. If you are dealing with a serious break or other type of damage, a crown may be the best option for making your tooth whole again. In some cases, a crown is even an option for serious cosmetic damage when something like veneers will not camouflage the issue.


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