Dentures: 3 Details About Candidacy


If you are thinking that it’s definitely time to do something about the missing teeth in your smile and you’ve been assuming either full or partial dentures will work for you, you’re certainly headed in the correct direction. Fortunately, dentures are extremely versatile and accessible, thanks to being considered a budget-friendly prosthetic solution and because they can work with nearly any pattern of tooth loss. While this all sounds wonderful, you are probably hoping for some additional details. We’ve got them!

Detail #1: You Probably Qualify For Traditional Support

Most patients will qualify for a traditional full or partial denture. What’s this mean? Well, it just refers to the way the denture sits in your mouth. You will not need anything more than your dental arch, any remaining teeth, and saliva. Translation: You put it in place and the suction created naturally in your mouth does the work.

Detail #2: Candidacy For Implant-Supported Dentures Is More Complex

Now, you may have learned that we offer implant-supported full and partial dentures. This means that instead of relying on your natural suction, we can secure the dentures with the use of dental implants. However, remember that implants require surgery, good jaw health, and a recovery period. As a result, candidacy becomes a bit more complex.

Detail #3: You Just Need A Consultation

Since you may want to learn more about your options, costs, and you still need an expert opinion regarding candidacy, you need to come visit us. Schedule a consultation when you’re ready and we can get the ball rolling on your complete smile.


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