Acid Erosion! Why It’s An Enemy To Consider! 

You may hear quite frequently that you need to be careful about eating too much sugar because it’s bad for your teeth. You hear that you should be careful with acidic foods and beverages as well because … they’re bad for your teeth. Even though you can say with certainty that these things can damage your dental health, if we were to ask you how each of these harm-causers creates damage and what type of damage it creates, you may realize you don’t have any answers. Our Austin, MN team would like to fill in the blanks for you, so you see the bigger picture with ease! Hint: It’s all about acid erosion!

What Is Acid Erosion All About?

We find that patients are often unfamiliar with the topic of acid erosion. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t currently impacting your smile! So, what is it? Well, think about what you know about acids. You know that in just about any realm or use, they can dissolve other substances. So, when the focus of the conversation is your teeth, the problem is that when teeth are consistently exposed to acids or acidic surroundings, it will lead to the eroded enamel of your smile. What’s enamel? It’s the tissue on the outside of your teeth that you can see and that protects the deeper layers.

Why Is It Something To Consider?

Acid erosion is something to consider because what you want is teeth that are as strong and intact as possible. Since their first line of defense is that outer layer, you really want to preserve it, rather than allow it to become damaged, because not only is it helping teeth remain strong as a whole but it also helps keep bacteria out. It also protects the nerves within your teeth from coming too close to the surface. When you avoid acid erosion, you avoid discomfort and additional damage.

How Can I Win The Battle?

You can limit the acids and sugars you eat but you can also remember that the goal is to keep your smile nice and clean! If you do indulge, rinse, rinse, rinse with water. Brush and floss every day, as directed. See our team for your cleanings and checkups every six months, so we can offer additional protection (or clue you in if we see early signs of a problem, which will allow you to make changes for the better in your daily life!).

Keep Teeth Healthy With Professional Care

Continue on your path toward optimal oral health, when you are striving to protect your teeth and gums, by both keeping up with your dental care at home and remembering to see us for visits! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.