Endodontics Can Treat Dental Infection

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When you have an infected tooth, this could lead to painful symptoms and could even mean threats to smile stability. But we can offer endodontic treatment to bring relief and save your tooth from being lost. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists talk about root canal therapy.

The Warning Signs of an Infected Tooth

An infection means that harmful bacteria, whether through an untreated cavity or an injury to the tooth, has made contact with the inner pulp, the nerve center of a tooth. Unless treated, the infection will grow in severity until the tooth is lost or requires extraction to stop the spread of infection. Warning signs could include tooth sensitivity when you eat, toothaches that don’t subside after a day or two, swelling, pain in the jaw and face, or even a discharge from the tooth itself. When these potential warning signs surface, please let us know right away. You may need a root canal to save your tooth!

The Root Canal Procedure

Our team will examine the smile with digital x-rays so we can assess the cause and severity of the infection, and plan the treatment in detail. To keep you comfortable during treatment, we will numb the area and may also administer sedation if you have anxiety about undergoing dental treatment. Once you’re comfortable, we will open the tooth so we can access and remove the infected tissues from within. We then clean the interior of the tooth. The next step in the root canal is to add a special restorative filling to the tooth. We then cap the tooth with a custom-made crown, which not only looks natural but also protects the tooth from further decay or infection.

Protecting Smile Health and Function

You can next take steps to help lower the risk of further decay or infection in your smile. At home, this means brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, when you wake up and again before bed. Be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen the outer enamel. You also need to floss every evening before brushing the second time. We also recommend cutting back on sugar in your diet. You should see our team for a checkup and cleaning every six months too, so we can keep an eye out for early warning signs, and remove harmful plaque and tartar to keep the outer enamel strong.

If you have any questions about saving a tooth from becoming infected and lost with a root canal, then reach out to our team today to learn more.

Do You Have an Aching Tooth?

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