Q&A: When Should I Get My Filling?

You may have a lot of questions for us when you discover you have a cavity in your tooth. Of course, as you may expect, we are asked questions about dental fillings on a daily basis! Tooth decay is a very common problem, which means the placement of fillings is also quite common. We understand that you need to consider your schedule, money, and other factors to set up restorative care and that you are truly doing your best to make an educated plan for your smile. As a result, we offer advice with responses to common questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: When you find a cavity in my tooth, how soon after should I schedule my dental filling?

Answer: Immediately. The best time is always as soon as possible.

Question: What if it’s just the beginnings of a very small cavity that you find? Can’t I just give it some time if I’ve got other things that I need to take care of in my schedule?

Answer: You may have a very tiny window of time during which you can wait to fill your cavity. However, we say “ASAP” for every cavity because every day that goes by, the decay worsens. This can result in some serious problem that are completely preventable.

Question: What happens if I ignore the advice of your team and don’t come in for my dental filling? Are there really going to be serious consequences or do you just want me to take care of it without procrastinating?

Answer: There really are. The complications we mentioned include: A tooth destroyed by decay, a tooth infection, or a broken tooth. These issues will not be fixable with a filling. Instead, you’ll lose tooth tissue and spend more money on a root canal, crown, or even an extraction.

Don’t Wait Too Long For Your Filling

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