Why Should I Replace My Teeth?

You might think that replacing missing teeth is something that people do only for vanity’s sake. While a complete smile certainly is more esthetically pleasing, there are some reasons to address tooth loss with prosthetics that have more to do with your emotional and oral health. Think over some short- and long-term issues that may arise by leaving open spaces in your smile, so you gain a clearer perspective when it comes to completing your grin.

Feeling Less Attractive Depletes Confidence

You may be one of the few people who truly accepts yourself as you are and does not worry about the perception of others. However, if you’re not, replacing missing teeth is extremely important. If you feel attractive and you feel others are perceiving you the way you perceive yourself, then your confidence remains at a healthy level. If you’re embarrassed or you think others are making negative assumptions about you just because of your tooth loss, then your self esteem might begin to waver.

Open Spaces Are Bad For Your Oral Health

An open space, two spaces, three, a full arch … it doesn’t matter. Once you’re missing an essential tooth, your day-to-day life changes and your long-term smile health is at risk. As for daily tasks that you require, chewing food will no longer be as easy to accomplish. Speaking may also require you to get creative with forming words clearly. In the long run, missing teeth can cause your jawbone to lose volume, can make dental hygiene very challenging, and more.

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