3 Things Implants Are Not

Are you well aware that dental implants are full of benefits and can help you replace your missing teeth from root to crown? However, with all of the information you do know about implants, do you sometimes wonder if there are details you’re overlooking? To help ensure you’re sure about what you can expect from this tooth replacement option, we’re flipping the usual approach and would like to explain a few things they’re not to help you along on your decision-making journey.

#1: Not Likely To Fail

If you like the idea of dental implants but one of your main concerns is that they might fail (leaving you disappointed and without a replacement tooth), it’s time to let that worry go. You see, they’re not likely to fail at all. In fact, the rate of success you can enjoy learning about from implants: About 98 percent. Nearly foolproof.

#2: Not The Entire Tooth Replacement

A dental implant is not the entire tooth replacement. It’s important that you understand this, so you remain clear about what you can expect from the process of receiving implants. The implant is a post made of titanium that will be placed into your jawbone to replace your roots. It doesn’t replace the visible part of your tooth. That comes later (with a dental crown or other prosthetic).

#3: Not A Short-Lived Solution

Choosing a dental implant is not a short-lived option. Instead, it’s a solution that you can expect to serve you well for many years if not the rest of the years of your life. Good new, wouldn’t you say?

Get The Skinny On Dental Implants

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