Tooth Replacement And Your Gag Reflex

Perhaps you sit at home just thinking and thinking about the fact that you want to replace your missing teeth. However, your overactive gag reflex always pops into your head, reminding you that even a dental cleaning leaves you gagging in response. How on earth, then, will you ever be able to come in to receive a prosthetic for your tooth loss? Fortunately, you are not alone and you are not without options. Consider different ways in which we approach this matter, while guiding you toward your complete smile.


First things first, you may think to yourself, “I have tried to relax but it doesn’t work!” Before you assume this is a lost cause, we encourage you to seek out advanced forms of relaxation. In many cases, learning how to breathe, center your thoughts, and meditate can assist you in preventing the gagging from interrupting everything from exams to visits for tooth loss! Of course, we will also work one-on-one with you to offer personalized suggestions and to figure out how we can best help you feel calm.


Do you feel the urge to gag coming on the moment you step into a dental practice? As soon as you lie down in the dental chair? If so, you may do best with some helpful distractions, so we can address your tooth loss, while your thoughts are focused elsewhere. For instance, is there a particular music artist or playlist of songs that helps your thoughts float away? Do you own a memento that helps you feel tranquil when you hold it? By distracting your senses, it’s often much easier to receive care.

Speak With Us About Addressing Your Gag Reflex

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