What’s Wrong With Smoking?

You might overlook the very long list of problems that come with smoking cigarettes and how they affect your oral health. On one hand, you have probably heard about a lot of negative things that can happen to your health over time if you choose to use tobacco. However, when you hear the details laid out before you for one particular area of your health, it is often a shocking reminder. Let’s work our way through some reasons smoking isn’t great for your smile, so you may make an educated decision.

It Stains Your Smile

The tar in cigarettes will come into contact with your smile when you smoke. As a result, you can expect to incur stains that will lead to allover discoloration. Eventually, you will need cosmetic treatment to reclaim your white grin.

It Encourages Oral Cancer

When you smoke cigarettes, your chance of developing problems like oral cancer shoots straight up. You don’t want cancer, of course. Cutting out any and all tobacco products is a sound way to promote oral health that remains safe.

It Also Encourages Periodontal Problems

Yep, you’re also promoting problems with your gum health if you smoke. You’re more likely for problems to occur and it will be more difficult to treat them, as long as you’re keeping up a cigarette habit.

It Gives You Bad Breath

In addition to being a major threat to your oral health, smoking will lead to bad breath that can become increasingly difficult to treat.

It Decreases Your Ability To Heal

You just can’t fight off infections as well if you’re a smoker, nor can your body respond to wounds and damage as rapidly. Skip the tobacco, so your oral health is much easier to manage.

Talk With Us About Oral Health Habits

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