How Implants Help With TMJ Disorder

If you end up with one missing tooth (or more), your tooth loss can actually end up leading to or contributing to TMJ disorder. Did you know this was possible? As a result, an important factor in addressing TMD is ensuring your bite is balanced by replacing missing teeth. When you begin connecting the dots, you will quickly see that if you’ve been considering dental implants to complete your smile, this might be something that helps you address more concerns than you initially imagined.

The Basics

First things first, we’d like to remind you that we offer a variety of options for replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. This means that you can replace just one tooth at a time with single implants. You also have the option of replacing multiple teeth through the means of using implant-supported bridges, partials, or dentures.

The TMJ Details

Now, let’s say you are someone who suffers with TMJ disorder. This means that you’re having some issue with your jaw joints, which will include stress, strain, and probably some amount of discomfort. When teeth don’t fit together properly (which is certain if you’re missing teeth), your jaw picks up the slack. It has to work overtime when in use and when at rest, too! So, we encourage you to replace missing teeth with dental implants to restore the balance. This will improve the quality of your daily life, it will make eating and speaking easy again, and it will protect your jaw joints, too!

Find Out How Implants Can Help You

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