Implants: Why Aren’t They In Everyone’s Mouth?

You may be wondering, as you’re thinking about how you would like to replace the teeth missing in your smile, why everyone with tooth loss doesn’t immediately sign up for implants. Of course, there are the obvious reasons (like someone’s jaw tissue simply cannot support the implant). However, the not-always-so-obvious might cause you to think there’s some reason you should be avoiding dental implants for yourself. Let’s help you get a little bit more educated on the topic, so you feel free to explore any replacement solution you find fitting.

A Lack Of Information

Though a patient may have heard the term implant before, he or she may not even recognize that dental implants exist as a tooth replacement option. Then again, patients may have a good idea about what an implant is but they don’t have much more information. They may figure implants are for “someone else” or may simply not think to ask about them because they are already familiar with prosthetics like bridges and partials.

Making Assumptions

Informed patients may make assumptions about dental implants and therefore end up talking themselves out of this wonderful solution to tooth loss before it’s even a potential option. For instance, a patient may assume she isn’t a good candidate because of her tooth loss pattern (even though implants can replace any pattern). Some patients automatically assume implants are out of the question due to budget, which is not always the case. We strongly encourage you to ask about implants if you are interested.

Learn More About Implants With Us!

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