Busting Denture Myths: They Are Actually Quite Wonderful!

You may hear a lot of different things about traditional dentures! Unfortunately, especially when you’re starting to feel good about selecting them for yourself, you may find that you begin hearing negative things that don’t make you feel more optimistic about choosing them. Instead, your confidence may start to wane a bit. Since we are quite aware that this is a common issue, our Austin, MN team would love to step in to bust open some common myths and to help you see that your initial feeling that full or partial dentures may be well-suited to your needs is likely spot on!

Myth: Dentures Always Move And Fall Out

You may have heard that if you choose full or partial dentures, you’re going to have lots of problems with their ability to remain in place. You may worry that if you eat, they’re going to wiggle or if you speak, they’re suddenly going to fly out of your mouth. It’s true that they are removable and rely on the suction in your mouth (unless you have them secured over dental implants, of course). However, this is really only an issue that affects dentures that do not fit correctly! Keep up with your denture care at home and with us, and you can expect a lovely fit.

Myth: Dentures Are Thick, Heavy, And Artificial Looking

When it comes to the esthetics of full and partial dentures, one thing is for sure: Any rumors or myths you have heard about their appearance (or any images you carry with you from many moons ago) are not accurate. Say goodbye to those myths as you realize that the dental care of today provides patients with exceptional looking, lightweight, comfortable prosthetics composed of minimal material.

Myth: Dentures Won’t Let You Enjoy The Food You Like

We know you may have heard that if you choose dentures, you’re going to have to be really careful about the foods you try to eat. This isn’t the case! Like with any type of smile, whether it’s full of natural teeth, implants, or traditional dentures, the same thing is true: You should make wise choices. Aside from that, you will be ready to enjoy your usual diet!

Receive Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

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