Your Checkups: Checking It All Out!

You might have some notions about dental checkups that aren’t exactly on point, which may be why you occasionally (of frequently) decide that you’re not too worried about forgetting to schedule them. Newsflash: They’re actually extremely comprehensive, key to your continued oral health, and once you better understand that our Austin, MN team really is checking out every last detail in regard to the well being of your grin, you may feel more compelled to come in every six months as suggested.

We’re Screening For Oral Cancer

You might not realize what we’re doing (remember, we are always happy to explain the steps to you) during your dental checkup but one of the steps includes a screening for oral cancer. It’s efficient and it’s comfortable and it’s something that is always included in your exam. We’re going to use digital equipment to check for changes in the lining of your mouth.

We’re Checking The Structure Of Your Teeth

Your teeth are very strong but you already know that they aren’t immune to damage or weakening. During dental checkups, we take a close look at the structure of your teeth. We may find that you have small fissures, cracks, chips, breaks, a cavity, a spot in which your enamel is softening, etc. Or, your teeth may be in excellent condition! Exams are wonderful because if something has changed, we can suggest treatment before it leads to serious damage.

We’re Looking For Existing Disease

We know, you assume that if you had tooth decay, gum disease, or an infection, you would notice. However, sometimes these types of concerns develop but you have no idea because it’s still very early on (and symptoms haven’t shown up yet). We can find such issues, however, and offer very early treatment. We look for such things during dental checkups, so you can act quickly and keep your smile health safe.

We’re Seeking Out Functional Concerns

Like many patients, functional disorders may not cross your mind. That is, they won’t cross your mind until you suddenly realize your jaw joints are popping or hurting or other changes occur. During dental checkups, we look for these types of changes, so we can offer care long before any stress, strain, or damage becomes apparent!

Enjoy Comprehensive Smile Protection

If you ask yourself what you should be doing in order to feel certain your smile is healthy and that there’s nothing you’re unaware of in regard to its safety, then be sure to schedule your twice annual checkups! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.