Keep Your Smile Healthy

Summer is here, which means no more school for the kiddos. If you have children, summer can mean a ton of lazy days without the normal routine that school helped keep. Without that routine, your children are much more susceptible to tooth decay. Summer can also mean more parties with sugary snacks and drinks, long road trips, tons of physical activities, and other opportunities where your children’s oral health might become compromised.  Here are a few tips to keep your smile healthy over the summer break.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

Summer is also the time for lots and lots of pool parties with snacks and sodas. Sodas and snacks are awful for you and your teeth for a multitude of reasons. Sodas contain nearly 200 calories per serving along with a huge amount of sugar, which is terrible for your diet. Besides the sugar rush you might get, sodas are high calorie drinks with absolutely zero nutritional value. They’re also very bad for your teeth, containing sugars and acids that eat away at their enamel, leaving them vulnerable to decay and infection.

Keep A Routine

Summer can mean late nights for children. It’s important that your children resist the urge to skip brushing before going to bed. Plaque only needs 24 hours to calcify and become tartar. Along with late nights, kids also tend to sleep in. Don’t allow them to skip brushing then either. Flossing is also a vital part of maintaining their oral health. Make sure your children are flossing between any two teeth that are touching each other. Maintaining a routine of brushing and flossing twice a day for two minutes will help make sure your children’s smiles don’t develop cavities.

Don’t Let The Summer Daze Ruin Your Smile

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