Wow! Celebrating 50 Years Of Service!

It’s official! We have been providing dental care for 50 years! That’s five decades! It’s two score plus ten years! How ever you’d like to break down the details, we are so excited and pleased to have been in service to the community for these many years. We would like to take a moment to recognize our patients for the relationships they form with us (and the fact that they allow us to work on their smiles!).

A Quick Thank You To Our Patients

First and foremost, thank you to our current patients and to the new patients we look forward to meeting in the future. Without your smiling faces, the stories you tell, your commitment to coming in and working with us to care for your teeth and gums through professional dental care, our little dental family would certainly not be what it is. We love seeing your smiling faces and helping you keep those smiles safe!

A Quick Reminder, Too!

Now that we’re at it, why not follow up 50 years of dental care with a suggestion for even more! We’d like to offer a quick reminder that we are here for you and your families for your every dental care need, so please feel free to contact us with questions. We offer comprehensive services for every member of your household, including pediatric, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, as well as beautiful tooth replacements. Not sure you’re prepared to schedule a visit? We also happily accept insurance and offer low monthly payments through financing options, so every patient has the opportunity to come in for the care they need.

Come In For Your Checkup And Cleaning!

We are so happy to continue serving you and your family, offering comprehensive dental care that meets everyone’s needs. Come in for your twice-a-year visit for a healthy smile that stays that way! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.