What Will It Take To Restore My Incomplete Smile?

When you have teeth that are missing in your smile, it can make you feel discomfort regarding your appearance. There are also many ways in which tooth loss can interfere with your dental function, and your overall oral health. Placing a prosthetic will help you feel more confident in your smile, and with proper support, it can provide functional benefits, too. In order to make sure a restoration stays secure, many patients will have a dental implant placed. Prosthetics without implant support only address the crowns of teeth, or the top portions above your gum line. An implant offers greater support, with better stability for your restoration, and even better jawbone health!

Having Dental Implants Placed

Our office can provide all of the steps necessary for you to enjoy an implant-supported prosthetic. Before placement can take place, you will need to come in for an evaluation. The implant will be surgically placed in the space once occupied by your tooth root. As healing occurs, your jawbone will actually fuse with the biocompatible implant. This support is beneficial because it helps keep the bone healthy; prosthetics without implant support can fail to provide effective support for your jawbone, which can deteriorate. Once you have healed appropriately after the implant placement procedure, you can have your restoration set.

Replacing Missing Teeth Will Do More Than Just Improve How You Look

A complete smile can make you feel better about your smile, but the benefits of restoring your incomplete smile go beyond the cosmetic appeal. With a complete set of teeth, you can bite and chew naturally, which will help you avoid strain on your jaw joints. This will also reduce excess stress on teeth, which can lead to premature wear and tear, and even further tooth loss!

Discussing Prosthetic Dental Support From Potach And Mitchell Dental Clinic

If you want to enjoy superior prosthetic dental support, discuss implant-supported prosthetics with Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic. Our office is ready to help you restore an incomplete smile, and enjoy real cosmetic and functional benefits. You can contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312. Our office welcomes patients from Austin, MN and surrounding communities.