Your Stained Smile: What’s Going On 

When you look in the mirror and you smile, what can you say about the shade of your teeth? Do you have a very white smile? Or, do you realize that when you compare the current vibrancy of your teeth to what they once were, your smile is stained? If you’re dealing with discoloration, then you may find yourself wondering where smile stains come from, why they’re there, and what in the world you can do to revive your grin into a dazzling, brilliant feature! It may seem like a huge obstacle but our Austin, MN team is pleased to inform you that we can get to the bottom of your staining and help you fix it, too!

Superficial Stains

If you have superficial smile stains, then this means they are extrinsic. They’re within the outer tissue layer of your teeth, which means we can generally address them with teeth whitening! So, why are they there? Well, your teeth are porous, or have little tiny openings in them, where pigments can enter and then remain. Over time, the pigments build up and lead to what you see as discoloration, often with a yellowed appearance. Fortunately, when you rely on cosmetic care like whitening with us, we can apply treatment that reaches in, breaks up stains, and reveals a brighter grin!

Deep Stains

Not all stains are treatable with whitening. Some are much deeper within your teeth, where traditional whitening will not be able to reach them. Did you know that certain medications, such as tetracycline, can result in intrinsic staining that’s further within your tooth? While this may sound upsetting at first, we remind you that we provide cosmetic care that can help! Porcelain veneers, for instance, provide you with beautiful camouflaging for smile stains that we cannot remove but can certainly cover with lifelike results!

“Stains” That Are Actually Something Else

You may think that when you look in the mirror and see a dim grin, you’re seeing smile stains. However, sometimes you don’t realize you’re looking at something else entirely. If you have a metal filling, remember that it can gently show through your tooth, making it look darker. Fortunately, if this is a problem, we can speak with you about replacing your metal fillings with beautiful tooth-colored fillings, so your teeth look white and lovely again!

Make Your Smile Beautifully Bright! 

Bring your smile from the current shade you’re not loving at the moment to a much brighter, vibrant finish! Just set up a consultation with us to discuss your stains and cosmetic solutions for a whiter smile! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312.