Repair Teeth Or Dental Work For These Reasons

You are already well aware that the main reason you should say yes to dental work that repairs your smile (or that you should say yes to repairing damaged work you have already received) is that it helps you protect your grin. It lets you enjoy a complete, structurally sound smile that helps support your oral health. However, if our Austin, MN team were to ask you to explain what this really means, what would you say? If you know that this is all very significant and are even happy to follow through with cosmetic or restorative care, or other repairs, but you don’t know why it’s important, let’s talk it through!

So You Love Your Smile’s Appearance

It can be difficult to feel completely happy about the way your smile looks, when you’re dealing with damage. This can refer to damage to your teeth, from discoloration to chips or even cavities or breakage. It can also refer to damaged dental work, which can also become discolored, chipped, etc., over time. Remember that when you come in to see us to repair your oral health, to fix fillings, dental crowns, dentures, and more, that you can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance and your overall appearance as a result!

So You Can Stop Additional Damage

In short, when your teeth are damaged or your dental work is damaged, what you are likely headed for is more damage. Fix what’s going on now to avoid a domino effect that can require much more intensive improvements later!

So You Can Chew And Speak With Ease!

Whether you have chips that irritate your tongue, you have a damaged dental crown that makes chewing difficult, you’re missing a tooth and articulately forming words feels impossible, or anything else, remember: Your complete, healthy smile lets you enjoy optimal function. When there’s damage or missing teeth, these otherwise simple and very important tasks become obstacles! Repair or receive dental work, so you have a working, wonderful smile again.

So You Stop Encouraging TMJ Issues

Now, about that functional stuff we were just discussing: Remember that once you’re having trouble chewing or speaking, you will do everything you can to compensate. This can mean trying to chew or speak by moving your mouth is ways that you don’t usually attempt. Though it may improve your chewing or eating, it can be detrimental to the health of your jaw joints! So: Repair or receive dental work ASAP!

Say Yes To Smile Repairs

Remember to agree to repair your smile or to address damaged dental work, when issues arise, so you can consistently keep your oral health on track! Avoid consequences by simply setting up care today! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.