The Many Ways We Help Protect Your Smile

We provide our patients with comprehensive general smile care in the form of preventive dentistry. If you’re already well aware of what this encompasses, then you’ve got quite a lot of dental knowledge stored away! If you’re surprised by the notion that prevention is complex (after all, doesn’t it just include cleanings, you wonder?), then it might be time to take a closer look at all that we offer at our Austin, MN practice. You might be surprised to discover that when we mention offering complete care to help you protect your oral tissues, we really mean it!

We’re Cleaning And Monitoring Your Smile

First things first: When we’re protecting your smile, we’re doing it through the essential preventive dentistry service known as the preventive visit. What does this entail? It’s simple and as long as you follow the guidelines, you can easily make use of it:

  • One part of your preventive visit includes a dental cleaning. We carefully remove the plaque and tartar you didn’t quite brush and floss away.
  • One part of your visit includes a checkup. We take a look at your teeth, your gums, and all other tissues (behind the scenes, too, with digital X-rays) to make sure all is well.

We’re Checking For Oral Cancer

Don’t quite understand how oral cancer screenings can be considered part of our preventive dentistry? Here’s what you need to know: Nobody can predict when cancer is going to occur. However, we can find it in its earliest and precancerous stages, which means we can prevent it from becoming severe when we offer early detection and treatment. So, keep your smile healthy with this part of our care, too.

We’re Helping With Your Oral Function

You might get very into making sure you’re not developing cavities and, as a result, forget that beyond hygiene, there’s the physical functionality of your smile. Did you know that you can damage and exhaust your jaw joints if you’re not careful? When this becomes serious, it’s called TMJ disorder. We offer treatment for that, too.

Let Us Help Keep Your Smile Safe With Visits

Take time for preventive dentistry services with our team, so you know you’re doing all that is necessary to keep that smile safe! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.