2 Things You Don’t Realize About Implants

There are some things you may know very well about dental implants. If you’ve already spoken with us about them, then you know they can replace the entirety of the tooth you lost, not just the crown! While the knowledge of their function is something you may not be short on, there may be other areas that are lacking just a bit. Unfortunately, such areas may be just the reason you’re stalling instead of moving forward with enthusiasm to select implants for your smile. Learning a couple new interesting facts may offer you some very helpful motivation!

#1: Poor Candidates Can Become Good Candidates

Did you know that if you’re a very poor candidate for dental implants right now you might not always be in this position? Do you wish you could become a spectacular candidate? One of the wonderful benefits of implants is that your level candidacy is not something you’re stuck with. Problems with your oral health (such as issues with your jaw health or hygiene-related disease) can be treated. Getting your smile healthy often equates will getting your smile prepared for implants! Learn more by scheduling a consultation.

#2: They’re Quite Cost Effective!

Yes, it’s true. Dental implants will require an investment from you. However, before you get stuck staring at the numbers without any context, allow us to remind you: Implants may stay right where they’re placed (and in good shape) for your lifetime. Divide your daily wear out by the dollar amount and you’ll see that the longer you wear them, the more cost effective they become. The same is not necessarily true of other prosthetics, which will inevitably require multiple replacements.

Make Implants Less Of A Mystery During Visits

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