Extractions: Wondering When You May Require One?

You might wonder when you would need a tooth extraction. Sometimes, it’s something that you don’t see coming but you suddenly need it. Other times, it’s not a surprise at all because your tooth has been problematic for some time. Let’s examine these categories, so you can gain a clearer sense of when removal becomes necessary, and so you recognize it’s to your advantage to say goodbye to teeth that simply need to go. (Remember, we offer comprehensive tooth replacement solutions!).

The Unexpected

When you suddenly damage your tooth, you may require a tooth extraction. In some instances, we will be able to rely on other restorative care treatments to make things better. However, we may not be able to salvage a significantly damaged tooth. This may include suddenly breaking or cracking your tooth. An unexpected impact (such as from sports or during a fall) or biting into something that’s too hard may lead to such a moment.

The Expected

On the other hand, there are some times when you won’t be so surprised that you require a tooth extraction. For instance, you may need wisdom teeth removed if they are not developing in such a way that is harmless to your smile. You may need a tooth removed if it has been impacted by serious decay, infection, or periodontal disease. Remember, removal is the first step toward fully restoring your oral health!

Receive Factual Answers To Extraction Questions

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