Three Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile

Dentistry. Teeth whitening. A device for assessing the color of tooth enamel in the hands of a dentist. Close-up.Nothing is more disheartening than having a difficult stain or chip in your teeth prevent you from having an otherwise perfect grin. While you may practice excellent oral health habits daily to ensure a healthy smile and prevent any loss or extractions, our daily routine can actually impact each tooth more than you might think. From the coffee we drink in the morning to the potato chips we have with lunch, our grins are subject to a variety of damage sources that could cause functional as well as cosmetic problems down the line. Fortunately, cosmetic procedures such as receiving porcelain veneers can address many of these minor issues, and your Austin, MN dentist at Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic is ready to help.


How Does A Tooth Extraction Help A Smile?

austin tooth extractionAs dentists, we have an array of restorative treatments, from fillings and crowns to root canals, designed to save teeth and restore them to a more healthy and attractive state. However, sometimes issues arise too severe to be addressed with a restoration, and the tooth needs to be removed. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists talk about the value of a tooth extraction.


Prosthetic Dental Options Based on Fit

It’s important that a craftsperson uses the right tool for each job — and that applies to pretty much any line of work. Whether you’re making an artisan table, or trying to repair a broken smile, you want the right tool. Prosthetic dentistry is designed to replace damaged and missing teeth, restoring patient smiles and the functionality of their bite. However, every case of tooth loss and every patient is different. Each specific case will dictate the right prosthetic dental option. Working with a skilled dental professional gives you the ability to recover from your tooth loss. (more…)

How Can I Be Sure That A Cosmetic Procedure Is Right For Me?

You can picture yourself with a better, brighter smile, one that is no longer affected by any alignment issues, dental discoloration, or damage. However, you may not be able to name what procedure or procedures will be necessary to give you the results you want. How can you move forward with cosmetic dental work when you are not sure how different treatments can benefit you? At our Austin, MN dentist’s office, we can review your different options for treatment and help you understand how your desired changes can be made. A consultation can be particularly helpful for those who want to make several changes, as they can learn that as little as one procedure is all they need to see the results that they really desire! (more…)