Caring for Your Child’s Teeth as They Grow

The health of your child’s teeth is important for their oral health and their overall health. Small infections in your child’s teeth and gums can end up having ramifications for the rest of their body. That’s why it’s important to help your child keep up with their oral health, and to help them build positive habits now. If you’re wanting to learn more about how to help your child care for their teeth, then you’re reading the right blog. Here are some relatively simple steps that you can take to keep your child’s teeth bright and beautiful.

Dental Education Is Vital for Your Children

Dental education for your child encompasses a number of different elements. Your child needs to learn how to properly brush their teeth, and they need to do so at least twice a day. That’s a simple skill that you can teach your child. In addition to learning how to care for their teeth, it’s important that children know why they should care for their teeth. If your child understands how cavities form and the implications that poor oral health can have, then they’ll be more likely to take ownership of caring for their teeth. Your dentist can help with this step.

Make Appointments for Cleanings and Checkups

When you make your own dentist appointments, be sure to schedule them for your child too. If you aren’t already visiting the dentist every six months, it’s time to start. Your child should be on the same plan. Seeing a professional every six months allows that person to clean and examine your child’s teeth. A professional cleaning removes any bacterial buildup on tough-to-reach surfaces. The examination can reveal potential structural issues with your child’s teeth and jawbones. Discovering these issues early allows your oral healthcare professional to recommend treatment early.

Consider Additional Pediatric Dentistry Care

There are extra care steps that you and your dentist can take to protect your child’s teeth. Fluoride rinse can repair damaged enamel to keep cavities out. Dental sealants can be placed on top of difficult-to-reach teeth in your child’s mouth. The sealants can prevent bacteria from building up on these surfaces until your child is old enough to properly brush them. If your child is playing sports, you may want to consider getting them an athletic mouthguard to protect their teeth as well. These little steps can make a big difference when it comes to preserving your child’s teeth.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment at Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic

Your child’s oral healthcare is a vital part of their overall health. Make sure they’re visiting the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. If your child has developed cavities or swollen gums, be sure to make an appointment right away.


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