Your Flossing: 3 Things That Should Not Be True

There are some things you may know are true about flossing your smile as part of your daily and long-term dental hygiene and oral health protection! You know it’s important. You know it should happen every day. You know we suggest it. With that said, you may not be quite so clear on things that should not be true about your flossing and how such factors may impact your smile! Enjoy this quick, flipped-perspective review with our Austin, MN team for additional smile care insight.

#1: Your Floss Should Not Be Hard To Handle

We want patients to remember that if it’s hard to hold onto floss, then something is probably not right! First, you may be choosing a floss that’s simply too slippery for you. Second, you may be using too short a strand (it must be about 18 inches long). Third, you need to wind it around your middle fingers and then guide it. Still having dental hygiene issues? Let us know!

#2: It Should Not Hurt To Floss

Are you doing your best to floss, as we instruct you to do during dental hygiene once daily, but you are having trouble because it hurts? We always remind patients that a correct approach to flossing should never cause discomfort. If you’re pressing too hard or you’re rushing, then change your approach! However, if you think your technique is A-OK, then it’s to your benefit to see us for a checkup soon. You might have a cavity that requires a filling, gingivitis that we need to detect and help you treat, or some other concern we can resolve!

#3: You Should Not Ever Skip It

You should not ever skip your flossing session. We know that you might be tired, your teeth may seem very clean, etc. However, it’s very easy for patients to overlook the fact that skipping this part of dental hygiene for even one day may yield the buildup of not only plaque (that’s removable) but also tartar (that only we can remove) between teeth and beneath your gumline. The result? With just one missed flossing session, you end at a much greater risk of problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Skipping it because you need help? Come in!

See Us For Advice With Flossing

Tell us when you experience any type of concern in terms of the care that you practice at home! Whether you feel you need help with your technique or you aren’t sure what to use, see us for a visit! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.