Renew Your Smile With A New Dental Implant

Seniors Implants Austin MNWhen your dentist gives you a diagnosis that requires the extraction of one or more of your natural teeth, you might find yourself overwhelmed at your options in prosthodontic repair. From appliance-based techniques such as dental bridges to a removable partial denture, there is a variety of choices available to suit your specific smile need. One of these possibilities is the placement of a beautiful new dental implant, which uses advanced scientific techniques to give you a tooth replacement that is designed to integrate with your natural material.

At our dental office in Austin, MN, we can help you to make sense of your different options in prosthodontic repair, including the use of a sturdy new dental implant. This method can give you back a missing piece of your smile, from one tooth to a full mouth of implant-retained dentures. Ask your dentist if a dental implant is the right choice for your smile at your consultation and discover your tooth replacement possibilities!

Replace Your Missing Tooth With A Lasting Dental Implant Replacement Solution

If you are facing a tooth extraction procedure, you will want to understand your options before you make a decision in your prosthetic replacement. One of these solutions is the increasingly popular method of placing a new biocompatible dental implant, which gives you a strong and durable connection between your artificial tooth and your jaw. Ask your dentist about whether a dental implant is the right choice for your specific smile!

This method takes advantage of a special property of the metal titanium, which allows it to interact with the human immune system in a fundamentally different way. Rather than rejecting your implant post, you actually grow tightly around it, forming a secure bond for your new tooth replacement.

A New Dental Implant Post Can Serve As The Foundation For More Extensive Repair

Dental implants bring a wide amount of prosthodontic versatility, which gives you the opportunity to repair a single tooth or multiple. In fact, a growing technique is the use of implant posts to serve as a base for a full-mouth denture solution. This approach helps you to have a set of prosthetic teeth that connect to your jaw with durable titanium. An implant-retained denture solution often relies on four posts per jaw, appropriately dispersing the stress of chewing so that you can feel confident in your bite!

Ask Your Dentist In Austin, MN About Dental Implants

If you have questions about the dental implant placement process, reach out to our team of helpful dental professionals to learn more about this awesome prosthodontic solution. To learn more about how dental implants can help you to have a lasting smile repair after the loss of one or more of your teeth, call Potach & Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN at (507)437-6312.