Symptoms: Sorting Out The Confusion With A Q&A

There are lots of things you think you know about oral health symptoms. While you might be getting some or most of them right, it’s possible you’ve got a bit of misinformation in the mix. What does this mean for your smile care journey exactly, you might wonder? Well, our Austin, MN team wants to ensure you have the details straight, so you know for certain that you’re on a clear, solid path toward always keeping your smile safe, well, and protected. With some quick answers to the questions we hear oh so often, you’ll have all the (clarified) information you need!

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I just wait until I notice symptoms before I schedule dental checkups or treatments like fillings?

Answer: Not if you want to provide your oral health with the absolute best in prevention. Why not, you wonder? Here’s the one thing that you need to understand about symptoms: They don’t always show up early in the game. Sometimes, they appear very late. So, if you want immediate treatment, don’t wait on symptoms to act as your signal that a problem has just begun.

Question: What if I think I notice a symptom? Does this mean that when I come in, there’s probably a very serious problem occurring?

Answer: Not necessarily! Just because they don’t always show up early doesn’t mean they never do (or that you should just throw your hands up in defeat). It means come in right away. It could be a treatable concern or it could just be irritation. You’ll only know by seeing our team.

Question: What if I can make certain symptoms like pain go away by taking a pill? Doesn’t that mean I’m making things better on my own without having to come in for a dental service to fix my oral health concern?

Answer: We remind you that though this seems like a good idea and, logically, it seems as though you’re curing a problem yourself, that’s not really what’s going on. Generally speaking, when you use medication to alleviate a symptom (like pain), you’re covering it up temporarily but you’re not fixing it. So, helping yourself feel better in the moment is perfectly fine. However, in order to solve the oral health concern and make it stop, you’ll need our help (sooner than later).

Give Yourself The Gift Of Thorough Care With Our Team

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