It Hurts To Chew! What Do I Do?

As you know, when certain types of pain crop up, it usually means that it’s time to see our Austin, MN team for dental care. In fact, when most types of discomfort make themselves known, it’s usually best to run the symptom by us during a dental visit to ensure all is well. So, when you notice that chewing causes you pain, we encourage you to avoid crossing your fingers, hoping for the best, and assuming it will go away. Instead, tell us! It is likely something that, if we address it right away, we can stop while we prevent additional complications from following. Curious about what could be going on? Consider some frequent causes of discomfort as you make your way through a snack or meal!

Do Your Teeth Hurt?

If your teeth hurt, we remind you that there are many reason a toothache or general discomfort can arise as a result of pressure. You may be dealing with tooth decay. Congestion can cause teeth to feel uncomfortable. You could have a cracked tooth, infection, or even gingivitis. Good news: We can treat it all. Schedule a dental visit soon!

Have Your Teeth Been Feeling Sensitive?

Does it always hurt when you chew? Or, do you notice that it’s mostly uncomfortable as you eat when you’re consuming very hot or cold foods? If you notice that you’ve been having general issues with sensitivity lately, then that might be just what’s going on! You could have dental sensitivity as a result of weakened enamel, due to bruxism (if you grind or clench your teeth), and more. Talk with us soon during a dental visit. In many instances, making a few dietary changes, addressing underlying concerns, and using sensitivity toothpaste will fix the issue.

Do Your Jaws Hurt?

When you say that “it hurts” when you chew, what do you mean by this? What hurts? If it’s not really your teeth but you’d say that your jaw hurts, then the problem may be that you have some strained, exhausted, or poorly functioning jaw joints. Remember that these joints, called your TMJs, are what allow you to open and close your mouth and chew your food. When they’re not doing so well, TMJ disorder treatment is often what you need, so they may heal. See us soon to discuss this!

Enjoy Comfortable Chewing Again When You Visit Us

Let us take care of the problem causing your dental pain when you chew. Remember, this essential action allows you to eat, so protecting it is extremely important! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.