Were You Hoping For A Holiday-Ready, Complete Smile?

Yes, we are just saying goodbye to August and are looking forward to all that September has to offer. For some, this means we still have an entire month before we actually have to start planning for travel, meals, parties, and all of the wondrous amount of fun (and organizing) that the holiday season requires! What you might have on your list that you assume you have a lot more time to consider: A complete smile for an easy, relaxed holiday experience! What you might be overlooking? The time to call our Austin, MN team about this is now. Learn more!

Planning Takes Time

Even if you think that what you want for your smile is simple, remember that when you want a complete smile due to missing teeth, planning, the creation of your prosthetic, etc. takes some time. Why wait until the last minute? If you feel quite certain about having the holidays as your final deadline, then start early. It will give you all the time in the world to plan, figure out what you want, to receive your prosthetic, and to feel completely ready for winter.

Implants Take Even More Time

So, it’s not just a bridge or denture that you want but you have decided on dental implants? Now, this definitely takes time! When you choose implants, you go through placement surgery, healing, osseointegration, and then you’ll be ready for restorations. This is going to require a journey, which means you need to get started right away. Come in to talk with us very soon about what you can achieve for a complete smile by the holidays.

You May Need Time To Think

Yes, you may think you have your heart set on implants. However, when you come in to talk with us, you realize you might actually want to go with a traditional dental bridge. However, you’re not completely sure. See? When you come in as soon as possible, you have time to think, figure it all out, and then begin work on your complete smile!

Enjoy A Complete Smile With Our Treatments

Ready to show a smile to the world that’s complete? Come talk with us about our prosthetic dental care soon. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.