Learn How We Place Dental Implants

With implant dentistry, your Austin, MN, dentists help patients with tooth loss enjoy a full smile again. But what does the process of placing and restoring these new teeth involve, and who qualifies as a candidate? In today’s blog, we’re breaking down the process of addressing your lost teeth with advanced and lifelike dental implants!

The Difference Offered By Implants

What makes this option different is the fact that dental implants don’t need crowns, clasps, or suction to stay in place. Instead, screw-like device made from biocompatible titanium will be inserted into your jawbone. Through a process of osseointegration, they bond with the bone tissue like new tooth roots. As a result, they stimulate the growth of jawbone tissue, preventing the loss of mass and density that usually follows tooth loss. This loss of jawbone tissue otherwise makes changes to the jaw ridge and requires dentures and bridges to need periodic replacement. However, dental implants have the potential to last for decades, possibly even a lifetime!

Placement and Restoration

First, we will assess the cause and extent of your tooth loss. We may need to address underlying issues, like treating gum disease to prevent implant failure, or use bone grafting to strengthen jawbone tissue so your smile can support new teeth. We then use advanced technology to guide the placement process and choose the area that will best absorb daily bite forces. We insert them and then after a period of three to four months, we address the visible portion of your new tooth. For an individual missing tooth, we may use a crown. If you lose multiple teeth, we could use multiple dental implants to support a bridge or a denture!

Preserving Your New Teeth

Routine care helps ensure they last, and prevents the loss of additional natural teeth. You should take time to brush and floss daily, and cut back on sugary foods and drinks, which lowers the severity of plaque buildup. We then suggest a visit to the office every six months, so we can examine and clean the teeth, lowering the risks of tooth decay and gum disease, among other factors that threaten smile stability. If you have any questions about the causes of tooth loss, or about addressing your missing teeth with advanced implant technology, then please contact our team today to learn more!


Our team is ready to help patients suffering from tooth loss obtain a new smile with advanced technology. To learn more about the process of replacing your lost teeth, then schedule an appointment with the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312. Our office welcomes patients from Austin, MN and surrounding communities.