Can Dental Implants Help Restore Several Missing Teeth?

While the loss of a single tooth can become a serious problem for your smile and oral health, losing several teeth can lead to even more embarrassment, and more functional difficulties. At our Austin, MN dental office, we have experience restoring the smiles of patients who have significant oral health concerns. If your problems include the loss of several teeth, we can talk to you about using dental implants to keep your dental restorations secure. While it is common to have individual dental implants placed to hold single tooth restorations, these supportive posts can also serve as support for a larger prosthetic, like a full denture.

Arranging The Full Restoration Of Your Incomplete Smile

When you have multiple missing teeth, it can be difficult to bite and chew many foods, and it may even be uncomfortable for you to speak. You can also have a hard time showing your smile, as you can be self-conscious about the way you currently look. Our practice can work with you on restoring your full smile, even if you need to address several absences. We can evaluate your current condition, and find a lasting solution for your appearance woes, as well as your issues with dental function.

Dental Implants Can Help With Different Degrees Of Tooth Loss

Dental implants are useful when it comes to restoring a smile affected by advanced tooth loss. When you have implants to hold full or partial dentures, you can have an easier time relying on your restoration while biting and chewing. You can also speak and laugh comfortably, as you will not have to worry about your appliance feeling loose or insecure.

One problem patients often have with dentures is that they can feel less supportive over time. This is because loose dentures are not able to help you sustain your jawbone health. Over time, the bone deteriorates because the roots of teeth are no longer present to stimulate it. Your implants can create stimulation again, which alerts your body to the need to deliver nutrients and minerals to jawbone tissues.

Taking Care Of Your Restored Smile

After taking care to restore your smile, we can work with you to provide important tips on preventing future problems with your restoration. Between guidance to follow at home, and the support our office provides during routine dental checkups, you can look forward to many years of cosmetic and functional support from your prosthetic!

Learn How Potach And Mitchell Dental Clinic Can Restore Your Full Smile!

At Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, patients who are affected by tooth loss can come to us for meaningful support. We can help you enjoy better dental function AND a more confident smile, thanks to the placement of a dental implant-held prosthetic. To make your appointment with the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312.