How Your Diet Impacts Your Smile

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From our childhood, we are taught about the danger of sugar on our oral health. But more than simply avoiding candy and sugar is important to maintain a healthy smile. Tooth decay can develop from some more seemingly innocuous foods. Also, your dietary choices can have lasting impacts on your oral health beyond sugar. Today, your Austin, MN dentist discusses how diet affects your smile.

Diet And Tooth Decay

Eating candy and soda is dangerous due to the remnants left in the mouth after consumption. These particles linger within the mouth, and bacteria feed upon them. These bacteria then create highly acidic waste, which corrodes the teeth’s enamel.

But candy and soda are not the only forms of sugar that invite this sort of growth. Any carbohydrate, from milk to potatoes, are dangerous and risk tooth decay. We can also develop a false sense of security with these items, as well, as they do not seem sweet.

Diet and Health

The body needs certain nutrients in order to operate appropriately and efficiently. Our diets are often lacking in vitamins, minerals, and other fuels that the immune system relies upon. Without consuming these, the body has a much harder time battling the growth of invading bacteria.

Even separate from tooth decay issues, a weakened immune system can result in the development of periodontal disease, or gum disease. The gums recede, exposing the root of the tooth. When exposed, the tooth is vulnerable to infection and physical trauma.

Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. Even beyond that unfortunate result, the mandible (jaw bone) itself can decay, leading to facial disfigurement.

What Choices Should I Make?

As scary as some of these results may seem, maintaining adequate nutrition for the mouth is easily possible, if you make a habit of it. Of course, if your doctor has placed you on a special diet, you should always consult with them before making any significant changes.

To start, adequate water consumption is paramount. In order to successfully fight off infection, the body requires hydration. And beyond that, when you drink water, you are less likely to drink another sugary drink. Even if you only drink sugar-free sodas, the acidity in them is not good for your enamel.

Beyond that, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are always great for your system. Each one brings a different set of benefits, so change up what you are eating when you can.

And with any oral health regimen, twice-daily brushing is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Daily flossing and an oral rinse are also highly suggested in order to maximize the cleanliness of the mouth.


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