Your Aching Tooth May Need A Root Canal

We recently discussed how a metal-free filling can help stop tooth decay and protect your smile. But what if your tooth develops an infection or abscess, and begins to hurt? To stop your aches and prevent tooth loss, you may need an endodontic treatment known as a root canal. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will explain how we treat infections and preserve smiles!

The Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

When a tooth becomes infected, this means worsening discomfort and eventually, the potential loss of your tooth. In fact, removing a severely infected tooth is often crucial for preventing the spread of infection to surrounding teeth or into the jawbone itself. With endodontic treatment, we have a comfortable treatment option, one often comparable to receiving a filling, that addresses the issue and removes the infected tissues. This halts discomfort, and protects the rest of your smile!

Warning Signs of Infection

An infection means that bacteria has reached the inner pulp, your tooth’s nerve center. Since the pulp is surrounded by dentin and protected by outer enamel, this often occurs due to untreated cavities or as a result of a cracked or brown tooth. People with an infected tooth may report toothaches and tooth sensitivity, pain when they bite down or chew, and a foul-tasting discharge for the tooth itself. Other warning signs include headaches, jaw pain, and swelling near the aching tooth. If you encounter one or more of these potential warning signs, then we recommend scheduling an appointment right away.

Treating Your Tooth

The treatment process starts with an initial exam. We then administer a local anesthetic, and may discuss sedation, to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed experience. Next, we open the tooth to access and remove the infected tissues from within. After we clean the interior of the tooth, we add a special restorative material known as gutta percha. Finally, we cap the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. The restoration will be designed to look natural, and protects the tooth from further damage or decay. To help reduce your risk of future cases, we suggest brushing and flossing daily, cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, and seeing us at least once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. If you have any questions about our restorative treatment options, then contact our team today.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Tooth!

If you have an aching tooth, then let us know right away so we can offer treatment. Be sure to contact Potach and Mitchel Dental in Austin, MN, today at 507-437-6312. We want to help you enjoy a convenient and comfortable treatment that could restore the health and beauty of your smile.