Root Canal Treatment

A tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and other vital tissues are located in a hollow chamber at the tooth’s center (called the pulp). When this chamber and the tissues inside of it become infected by oral bacteria, the pain can become severe, and the infection can spread through the root canal connected to the pulp. Root canal treatment describes removing internal tooth infection, then sanitizing and sealing the root canal, which extends under the gums and into the jawbone, to prevent the spread of infection.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

As a restorative treatment, root canal therapy is often the last chance at saving a severely damaged or infected tooth. If you hesitate, then you may have to have the tooth extracted to preserve the rest of your oral health. The benefits of receiving root canal treatment include;

  • Preservation of your natural tooth
  • Avoid the need for tooth replacement
  • Relief from intense tooth discomfort
  • Eliminate the risk of infection spreading through your gums and jawbone
  • Eliminate chronic bad breath that often accompanies internal tooth infection

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