Choose a Dental Filling Before Your Tooth Suffers

No one likes hearing that they have a cavity. In fact, the anxiety over learning about oral health issues keeps some people away from the dentist for years — which only causes their problems to worsen. You may know that your teeth aren’t in the best shape, but a cavity can be treated in relatively short order, especially if it’s small. The longer you wait, the bigger your cavity will become. Eventually your tooth will begin to suffer and may become compromised. Choosing a dental filling quickly can allow your tooth to recover and return to a healthy state.

If You’re Avoiding Dental Treatment, Stop!

If you’ve been putting off a dental visit, or you’ve noticed tooth pain that you haven’t addressed, stop! You need to address these problems as soon as possible for the best prognosis. Tooth decay is a progressive condition, that means that it will continue to worsen until it is treated directly. Cavities are caused by the buildup of bacteria on your teeth. You need to remove that bacteria before the problems will stop. Your dentist can remove the bacteria from your cavity, sterilize the area, and fill the cavity with a fairly simple procedure. Receiving this treatment now could save you later.

Your Tooth Will Continue to Suffer if You Don’t Receive Treatment

A surface cavity can be fixed with a filling. The longer the cavity goes untreated, the bigger it will get. Eventually, a dental filling may not be able to save it. Additionally, the infection may spread deeper into your tooth. Beneath the durable layer of enamel on your tooth’s surface are much more sensitive layers of dentin and pulp. Bacteria in these areas can result in infected tissue that causes pain. Eventually, the infection can reach your root canals and spread to other oral tissues in your body. Treating cavities right away circumvents these more serious problems.

You Have Dental Filling Options that Look Great

Metal amalgam can be used for dental fillings, but you have more subtle options too. Dental ceramics and dental resin are tooth-colored filling options that look discreet and still function great. In fact, an option like dental resin can actually conform to the cavity it’s filling better than a material like metal amalgam. That means a more comfortable bite after the procedure is completed. Composite resin fillings offer appearance, comfort, and precision — qualities that will help you look and feel great after treatment.

Choose a Composite Resin Dental Filling at Potach and Mitchell

Your oral health is a delicate thing. When one of your teeth becomes compromised by infection, it can lead to serious problems down the road. Treat your cavity with a dental filling from Potach and Mitchell. Our composite resin fillings look great, feel comfortable, and are built to last.


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