When You Think: “I Wish My Smile Looked Better!” 

Have you ever looked in the mirror, stared at a photo of yourself, or simply thought about your smile and instantly reacted with the thought: I wish my smile looked better? If so, how did you follow that thought? Did you feel a little upset and then sweep those feelings under the rug for a while? If you’re tired of feeling unenthusiastic if not plain bad about the way your smile is looking, then our Austin, MN team encourages you to recognize something very important! We can help you pinpoint what is wrong, how to fix the problems, and how to arrive at a smile you’re thrilled with, through the help of dental care. Find out a bit more to get started!

Esthetic Concerns? Fixable With Cosmetic Care.

It’s possible that the reason your smile doesn’t look the way you’d like it to look is because you’re dealing with what we call esthetic concerns. This is a term we use to distinguish your problem as something that is strictly cosmetic in nature and that does not impact your oral health. This might include something like a yellowed smile or a minor chip on your tooth. Fortunately, we offer cosmetic dental care that will help you address any and all issues, so you can say goodbye to your lackluster grin and hello to a stellar one!

More Serious Smile Damage? Restorative Time!

Now, let’s say that you’re dealing with damage that isn’t strictly esthetic in nature. Sure, it looks like than fantastic but in your case, the damage is impacting your oral health. This means that you might be dealing with something like tooth decay, a cracked tooth, a broken tooth, and the list may continue. In this case, you need to see us for restorative dental care, which includes treatments like crowns and fillings that address damage, remove disease, and let your smile look amazing again (as we rescue your oral health).

When You’re Dealing With Missing Teeth? Replacements.

You may feel like you’re past being helped if you are missing teeth or as though the effort required will be huge! However, that’s not true. Like any other area of dental care, it takes just a bit of planning and follow through to replace missing teeth. We offer a variety of options, including dental implants, so you can see a full smile in the mirror again! Ready to learn more? Come in!

Transform Your Smile By Seeking Our Care

Remind yourself that when you are ready to take action, so your smile looks better, we are happy to help! Come in to learn more about what your smile really needs, as you talk through details with our team. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.