Why An Extraction Isn’t The “Bad” Thing You Think It Is

You might have lots of thoughts and emotions connected with the dental extraction you have recently learned you require. However, it’s possible that not a single one of them includes anything positive. Instead, you may feel like having your tooth removed is something that’s “bad” in more ways than one. You may worry about the way it will feel, what happens once the tooth is gone, and more! While we can absolutely understand why your thought process might lean this way, our Austin, MN team strongly encourages you to leave some room for a new perspective. The truth is: Extractions aren’t exactly what you think! Find out more!

It’s A Comfortable Process

Whoa there! If you are worried about coming in for a dental extraction because you think it’s going to hurt, we encourage you to stop that line of thinking in its tracks. As you might imagine, our top priority is feeling absolutely certain that you are comfortable during any type of dental care, from checkups to (you guessed it) tooth removal. The process of removing a tooth is one that begins with the thorough numbing of any affected tissue. You’ll know what it is that we’re doing…but you won’t feel it.

Recovery Is No Mystery

Again, you may think that you’re going to head home with a missing tooth but that you’ll be left to figure things out on your own. Or, you may be worried that healing is going to be a difficult process. Actually, your mouth is a marvel! Recovering is something that takes place very quickly and, of course, it’s something that will will help you with from start to finish. Any questions? We always encourage you to call with them after a dental extraction, if you have them.

We Offer Beautiful Replacements (If Necessary)

If you’re having a wisdom tooth removed, then no need to think about replacements. However, when you are having a tooth removed that’s necessary for your smile, you might feel concerned because you figure you will never have a tooth again. This isn’t part of the plan! Fortunately, we offer a variety of natural looking tooth replacement options like implants, so you can get right back to your smile.

Removing Damaged Teeth Is To Your Benefit!

Don’t forget: A dental extraction is a good thing for your smile, whether your tooth is broken, diseased, etc. It saves your oral health and lets you head back to a restored smile.

Schedule Time To Discuss Your Extraction 

When you are aware that you require restorative care and that an extraction is likely essential, set up time to talk over the details with us. Feel informed and confident about tooth removal by asking questions! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.