3 Subtle Benefits of Implant Dentures

When it comes to implant dentures, there are a couple of right-up-front and obvious benefits: they look extremely natural, and they are stable and secure in your mouth. Those are strong selling points if you have lost a significant number of teeth and are looking for the best alternative to restore your smile in Austin, MN. Along with these obvious positive points, here are three more nuanced benefits that many patients experience, once they receive implant dentures.

Point One: Your Jawbone Stays Healthier

It is unlikely you will notice the fact that your jawbone remains strong, but without the stimulation of the artificial tooth roots supplied by implants, you would certainly notice a gradual weakening. When the jawbone is not stimulated by the sensations of chewing action, the process of bone resorption begins. Dental implants function as teeth roots do, and stimulate the body to continue to nourish the jawbone.

Point Two: Better Nutrition

With implant dentures, you can chew comfortably, and eat most (or all!) of your favorite foods. This means you can enjoy a rich and varied diet, rather than limiting yourself to softer foods or cutting your food into tiny pieces, as is sometimes necessary for less secure dentures. We encourage you to enjoy foods rich in calcium and other nutrients, for the health of your remaining teeth and bones.

Point Three: A More Confident Smile

It’s hard to relax and smile when you are worried about a slip or a click that might occur at any moment. Implant dentures are affixed permanently to the posts in your jawbone, and will not shift about.

We Have More Implant Denture Benefits to Share

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