Q&A: Oral Health Things You Hear About  

Like anything else, when it comes to your oral health and dental care, there are things you know, things you’re not entirely sure about, and then details that show up that you assume must be rumors. However, since there’s quite a good amount of uncertainty, you can sometimes find yourself wondering which way is up, which is down, and what you really know for sure. Perhaps something you assume is false is actually true! Our Austin, MN team knows that this can cause some lifelong confusion that can even keep you from achieving your best smile, so let’s get started with a Q&A that can solve some mysteries. Then, remember to ask additional questions during visits!

Questions and Answers

Question: I occasionally hear people talk about oral-systemic health and that my oral health is in some way strongly related with the rest of my body’s health. Is this right?

Answer: This is absolutely correct! We know that you may imagine your smile as being quite distinct and separate from the rest of your body but we remind our patients that it’s all connected! Too much bacteria or an infection or inflammation in your mouth can negatively impact the rest of your body (and vice versa). So, remember, your dental care is very important.

Question: Some of my friends have gotten rid of their fluoridated toothpaste because they say that fluoride is toxic. They insist that it is better to use fluoride-free paste but I’m not sure. Is this right?

Answer: This is not right. Like many things, if you eat lots and lots of toothpaste, then you may get sick. It can be toxic in large doses but that is true of other very safe products! However, when you don’t actually ingest your fluoridated toothpaste but instead use it as directed, the benefits are immense. Remember that if you want to avoid weakened teeth and decay, you need fluoride consistently.

Question: Is it really true that when someone receives dental implants, they can stay in place forever without needing to be fixed, replaced, etc.? That sounds like a very long time.

Answer: It’s true, as long as you provide your oral health with the care it requires!

Ask Questions About Smile Care During Visits

Do you have questions? Think you heard a rumor that isn’t true? Just let us know, so we can fill you in with the accurate details. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.