Tooth Decay: 3 Responses And 3 Possible Outcomes

Let’s say you come in to our Austin, MN practice and we discover that you have tooth decay. “Don’t worry!” we tell you. “If you treat it soon, a dental filling will fix your smile right up.” Now, you have some choices before you. You may decide to come right in to take care of that cavity! Or, you may wait. As you know, the decision is yours. As you likely already know, the outcome is highly dependent on when you decide to schedule. Let’s talk about some potential responses and outcomes, so you quickly see that immediate care is always the best way to go.

#1: You Treat It Right Away!

As we mentioned, once we have determined that a dental filling will solve your tooth decay, all you have to do is schedule the filling as soon as you can. When you’re urgent about restorative care, you come in soon enough to prevent the problem from becoming worse. We clear away the tissue that’s been damaged, we stop the decay from progressing (because it’s gone), and you are left with a tooth that’s healthy again and is no longer structurally unsound. Your tooth, thanks to the tooth-colored filling, will also look healthy again!

#2: You Wait A While To Treat It.

Maybe you understand that we suggest you treat your tooth decay immediately but you end up waiting a little while. Perhaps you call us up in a few months to let us know you’re ready for your dental filling. What might happen? If you’re lucky, then your cavity will not have grown very much and you can still treat it with a filling. However, when you wait a little while, one thing is always possible: The area has grown and has allowed bacteria to sneak into your tooth. Now, you have an infection. The result? You’ll need a root canal treatment!

#3: You Wait And Wait And Wait!

Maybe you wait and you wait and you wait. You’ve really given that tooth a long time without treatment. You needed a dental filling over a year ago! Here are the things that become more and more likely the longer you go without that filling:
The tooth may break because there’s not enough tissue to keep it stable

  • An infection forms and may become quite severe and may abscess
  • You may require an extraction because we can no longer save your tooth

Protect Your Smile By Receiving Beautiful Fillings

When you experience decay, come in for your filling right away! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.