Dental Bridges: Questions That You’d Love To Have Answered

You may be wondering how you’re ever going to figure out what to do about your smile. At first, you felt so relieved to recognize that there are ways for you to replace your missing teeth! The next thing you knew, you discovered that there are so many ways to do so that pinpointing the best choice started to feel nearly impossible! So, here you are: You have arrived at the notion that a dental bridge may be best and you are full of questions. Before you let yourself continue to feel overly challenged by this experience, our Austin, MN team suggests you take a step back, check out our Q&A session, and remember, when you come in to see us, we make addressing tooth loss a breeze.

Questions and Answers

Question: What if I’m missing more teeth than a dental bridge can replace? What can I do?

Answer: A dental bridge can replace a single tooth. It can replace two teeth that were next to each other. It can replace three teeth that were next to each other. That’s it! If you don’t fall within these categories, then rest easy! You may choose a partial denture, a full denture, or dental implants!

Question: How does a dental bridge stay in my mouth? Is it similar to the way dentures work?

Answer: It’s different from dentures in that dentures are removable. Bridges are fixed. It means that we bond them to the remaining teeth that flank the opening in your smile. The bridge isn’t going anywhere.

Question: If I decide that I’m interested in a dental bridge, is this something I can rely on for my tooth replacement? Will it give me several years of wear or is this just a short-lived fix?

Answer: You can expect several years, if not over a decade of wear from your bridge! Take care of it and you’ll get a longer life from it.

Question: What’s the benefit of a dental bridge over a partial? Is it all just about preference?

Answer: It’s primarily about preference. A partial relies on the suction that is naturally developed in your mouth. A bridge is bonded to teeth. You will enjoy better stability from a bridge but if you prefer a removable device, you’d prefer the partial.

Let Us Know If You Are Interested In A Dental Bridge

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