Your Smile And Aging: 3 Things You’re Assuming (Incorrectly)

You might have quite a lot of ideas about what you can expect from aging. Some of them are likely right on target! However, you may hear things, assume things, or just observe details, which cause you to have some not-so-accurate expectations about what happens to your smile as you get older. The good news is: You can keep your oral health safe and sound for a lifetime! While this probably sounds very relieving, our Austin, MN team knows that there are probably some other topics you’re still unsure about and we’re happy to clear them up.

Assumption #1: Only Young, Healthy Smiles Can Receive Implants

You might have it in your head that you can only get dental implants if you lose your teeth when you’re young and/or when your mouth is exceptionally healthy. To begin, remember that tooth loss is frequently the result of poor oral health. Next, remember that age has nothing to do with qualifying for implants. Here’s what you do need to remember: You can receive implants at any age, once your jaw has finished growing (so, usually in your 20s and older). If your smile isn’t healthy now, we can help you fix that. Then, you’ll be ready!

Assumption #2: Your Taste Buds Will Be Practically Gone One Day

Our team knows that you may assume your taste buds just keep disappearing the older you get. You assume you won’t be able to taste much of anything in your older years. The truth is, you do lose taste buds as the years go by. However, you don’t lose them all! You retain many and you will still be able to enjoy your sense of taste. However, remember that if food tastes different in your youth or your golden years, it could point to an oral health concern we can treat. So, call us up when any type of symptom occurs!

Assumption #3: Sometimes, It’s Just Too Late For Smile Care

You figure that your oral health can last as long as you begin caring for your smile when you’re quite young. However, you assume at some point, if you haven’t kept up with it, it’s probably too late. Not true! It is absolutely, 100 percent, never too late. Call us no matter how bad you think your smile is and we will begin helping you with dental care.

See Us For Dental Care At Any Age

Don’t assume you’re too old, too young, or not quite right for dental care. It’s something everyone needs and everyone qualifies for! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.