Things Worth Giving Up When You Want Implants

When you want dental implants, it’s worth knowing that there are some things that are definitely worth giving up. Do you have to? Not necessarily. However, for the patient that wants to head into this type of tooth replacement with as few potential hurdles to success as possible, letting go of some not-so-beneficial habits can offer a wonderful experience (and you’ll feel pretty confident, too).

All Types Of Tobacco

Whatever type of tobacco it is that you’re using, you will want to go ahead and give it up if you’re hoping for your best experience with dental implants. Tobacco products are known for limiting your potential success with implants (and they cause lots of other oral health concerns, too).

Feeling Resistant About Bruxism Treatment

If you want dental implants but you have bruxism … but you have never followed through with bruxism treatment … then it might be time to give up that hesitation. The constant pressure from bruxism can cause implants to fail. Better to treat it.

Your Crazy Crunchy, Hard Food Habit

Are you a little too obsessed with munching on extremely difficult to chew foods? Don’t forget that you don’t want to place excess stress on teeth and crowns. It can damage it all, including implants.

Using Your Smile As A Tool

If you have a habit of relying on your smile to carry things, to open up packages, and more, it’s time to become accustomed to using your hands, scissors, and other alternatives. Otherwise, you may ruin your dental implants.

Learn About How To Promote Your Best Smile With Implants

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