Implants: No, They’re Not Just A Luxury

You may think to yourself that while you would really love dental implants, they’re actually just a luxury. You think you could simply replace your missing teeth with a bridge or denture but you’re getting carried away with wanting what appears to be the shiniest object in the room, so to speak. While we can understand why you may end up with this perspective, we encourage you to face some facts: As luxurious as implants seem, it’s for a reason! They offer benefits you cannot expect from other prosthetics (and they’re benefits that happen to affect more than just the appearance of your smile!).

They Protect Your Jaw From Shrinking

Dental implants protect your jaw from shrinking by helping it remain full, dense, and healthy. What type of magic is this, you ask? Well, your jaw senses your teeth through contact and pressure with your roots. Your implants that you receive mimic this exchange. Preventing shrinking is very important, as it protects remaining teeth, the shape of your smile, the volume of your face, and your overall oral health.

They Make Stability A Non-Issue

Implants don’t move. This is not a luxury. This is simply a method of truly replacing your teeth in a way that ensures eating, forming words, and more goes right back to the way it used to be.

They Do Look Very Natural

It’s true that you can wear a bridge or a partial or full denture and display a beautiful, natural-looking smile. It’s also true that if you choose dental implants, you’ll create a smile that looks and functions very similarly to your original smile. As a result, there will be no time during which you wonder if your smile looks okay.

Make Implants Your Replacement Choice

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