Your Questions About: Implants And Smoking

Individuals who smoke and are interested in dental implants may find themselves in a bit of a pickle. If you’re a smoker and you’d like to choose this form of tooth replacement, you know that you’ve heard cigarettes are not a wise choice if you would like implants. However, you may have also heard that it’s not absolutely impossible to smoke with implants. So, what to do? What is the truth behind this sometimes difficult-to-navigate topic? Fortunately, our questions and answers will offer some initial clarity regarding what’s what in regard to your tooth replacement goals.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it true that it’s more likely for me to end up with a failed dental implant if I decide to keep smoking cigarettes when compared with someone who does not smoke?

Answer: Yes. If you choose to avoid smoking, the likely success of your implant is exceptionally high. However, if you smoke, the rate of failure jumps significantly. As a result, your best bet is to avoid cigarettes.

Question: I have heard that it’s important to stop smoking before I even receive dental implant placement. Why is this so important?

Answer: Cigarette smoking may cause your ability to heal to slow. As you know, healing is an essential part of receiving implants because it requires a surgical procedure. Smoking before will leave you more likely to have difficulty healing and you may be more likely to develop an infection.

Question: What should I do if I would like to seriously consider dental implants but I’m not sure about candidacy yet, I’m still a smoker, and I don’t really know where to begin?

Answer: Schedule a consultation. We can check your smile, ask questions, answer questions, and guide you toward a plan that will work for you.

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