Dental Bridges: 2 Types Of Support

If you’re thinking that dental bridges are right for you, then you’re someone who likes a fixed prosthetic device, who is missing just one or up to three teeth side-by-side, and you are ready for a complete smile again! As you research and learn more about bridges, you will quickly see that they offer more versatility than you may have initially thought. Did you know that they may rely on two different types of support, depending on your needs? We’re happy to explain.

#1: Your Traditional Bridge Support

First things first, when you hear about a dental bridge and you’re talking about traditional support, this means the bridge will be placed over your natural tissues. How does your smile support a bridge, you wonder? Well, each end (at which point a dental crown rests) is bonded over a permanent tooth (each of which flanks the opening in your smile). This is a fixed type of placement, meaning once it’s set, it isn’t coming out unless a dentist removes it on your behalf. It is bonded in place for long-term wear.

#2: Your Implant Support

Now, let’s talk about an implant-supported dental bridge. Instead of relying on your teeth for support, it’s going to rely on implants that stand in place of your teeth. The bridge is custom fitted to hold securely over the implant posts located in multiple empty spaces in your smile. This is particularly helpful if your remaining teeth are not healthy enough to support a prosthetic or if you want implants but need a more budget-friendly solution than single implants.

Learn More About Bridge Options During A Consultation

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